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Blue Safari Trip in Zanzibar

Blue Safari Trip in Zanzibar

Blue Safari Tour in Zanzibar is the Zanzibar most exciting one full day trip. It deliversa magnificent ocean experience safari that begins from Fumba fishing village. Tourists with our professional guide head toward the southwest shoreline of the island.This destination is a significant spot to swim, Snorkeling, ocean nourishments and cruising inside the customary dhow.
Blue Safari Tour in Zanzibar is the Zanzibar notably one full day trip, this is a sea experience safari begins from Fumba fishing village, southwest bank of the island, the significant fascination is to swim, snorkeling, ocean nourishments and cruising inside the traditional dhow. Further. the historical backdrop of customary dhow dated back to the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years, the times of the moonson winds and the Arab developments, we inboard into cruising dhow at 9:00 am ahead to shoal for the unwinding, swimming and beach strolling.
Tourist will have an incredible opportunity to test the tropical sea nourishments including octopus, calamari, lobster, shrimps, shark, shellfish, barracuda, and so on

Detailed Itinerary

Zanzibar is the exotic spiced island outside of Tanzania on the east bank of Africa. It’s loaded with excitement and enjoyment. Zanzibar is encircled by the Indian Ocean with its turquoise ocean water, long and white sandy beaches, and coral reefs.
Do you wish to go on Safari blue tour? Get your safari blue tour of a lifetime when you leave on a Safari in Zanzibar. Book for the world’s most exciting world sea adventure. Here you will share a wonderful experience regarding the ‘incredible on a traditional dhow across the southwest coast of the Island.
Lovers can encounter extraordinary sentiment at the notable Zanzibar islands. Visit the spots of extraordinary abundance and force in the sensational history of east Africa, for example, the remnants of Sultans castles, and experience the most flawless type of Kiswahili while on your Safari in Tanzania. Go out on the town to shop on the celebrated Gizenga and Shangani roads. Purchase perfect handicrafts and collectibles at Stone town.
Zanzibar is one of Africa’s best selection for tourists due to its intriguing slave exchange history. It is situated in the Indian Ocean (off the shore of Tanzania) and it has been a characteristic exchanging focus since history. Notable for its spices Zanzibar was additionally a slave exchanging focus.
Celebrated the world over for their magnificence, beaches, and history the Romantic islands of Zanzibar are impacted by Arabs particularly one of the most alluring stone towns one of the island’s greatest attractions.
The remarkable island of Zanzibar floats in the Indian Ocean just 25 kilometers from the wild shores of Tanzania. From the second you contact down on the residue trampled runway and take in the astonishing perspectives on the sparkling waters and hear the dealer cries from Stone Town; you realize you are in for an experience. Gather with culture, rich with food and buzzing with verifiable premium there is such a great amount to see and do. From meandering the dynamic wooden slows down of Stone Town’s market scene to loosening up on the unblemished white sands, these are a couple of the best tourist exercises on the proposal in Zanzibar.
For a large number of tourists, this will in general be a significant feature of the Safari Blue Tour in Zanzibar. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is an encounter. The coral reefs visit and afterward getting a vibe of it is genuinely a surprising memory. Fret not; the visits are additionally guided with the assistance of a qualified guide on the off chance that it is your first time adventuring the game.
Safari Blue Tour that begins in the fishing town of Fumba in the wonderful region around the Menai Bay, south-west of Zanzibar with excellent sandy beaches, islands, tidal ponds, and lovely view. The boat utilized is the traditional mahogany dhows that Zanzibar is famous for. The entire tour is planned as a comfortable day of swimming, snorkeling around the coral reefs, appreciate and delight in wonderful environmental factors that solitary the turquoise Indian Ocean gloats can show you. During the tour, you are served snacks, coconuts, and lunch.
Snorkeling is one of the numerous valued activities for tourists who take a couple of day’s tours in Zanzibar. In any case, there are additionally some other energizing and intriguing things you can do during your Safari blue tour. Snorkeling is additionally the fundamental activity, whereby tourist will be taken to the coral reef and the zones which are acceptable and have a bright school of fish.
After the lunch at Kwaleisland, there will be a short tour of the antiquated baobab tree which is said to have over 200 years now, on our way back to the Fumba beach we will again have occasion to swim in the characteristic pool close to the Kwale island, we ordinarily finish our tour around 4:00 pm.

Go on Safari Blue

Safari Blue is known to be Zanzibar’s best boat trip. You start in the little village of Fumba on the south coast, cruising on a conventional dhow to Menai Bay where dolphins you get the opportunity to see and swim with dolphins. Snorkeling is the thing to address and you have the opportunity to investigate the reefs. Lunch is a fish buffet that incorporates new lobster, fish, calamari, chicken, and veggie choices served on a shoal. Beverages are likewise included!
The African beats are remarkable, the food is acceptable and there’s consistently an incredible blend of tourists and local people appreciating the gathering. You’ll go through the late evening moving unshod in the sand, tuning in to reggae under the stars, watching panther print clad artists and fire twirlers doing their thing. For the individuals who need to chill, there are fire pits where you can sit back, unwind, and watch everybody attempting to twerk.

Price & Inclusions

Price: from $50


– Entrance fee
– Guiding fee
– Snorkeling equipment usage
– Conservation fee
– Trained, friendly and professional guide
– All government Fee & taxes
– Hotel pickup and drop-off can be organized as per your request

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